The umbilical cord connects the foetus to the womb during pregnancy and is the essential conduit between mother and child. It is through the umbilical cord that nutrients and other factors flow to nourish the growing foetus.

The umbilical cord is also a rich source of stem cells. Stem cells are basic cells that can morph into a variety of specialised cells. For example, cord blood stem cells (also called haematopoietic stem cells) can morph into red blood cells as well as white blood cells.

Cord blood stem cells Differentiated into other blood cells (Source: NIH)

You have banked Cord Lining Stem Cells and these come from the outer amniotic lining (also called the cord lining) of the umbilical cord. This umbilical cord lining is currently the largest known reservoir of stem cells in human beings, and is truly Nature’s Gift to all of us.

Cross Section of Human Umbilical Cord

Every patent application undergoes careful and rigorous examination before it is granted, and the process can take a long time depending on the country where the application was submitted.

Once granted, however, the Patent becomes an assurance that the technology is sound and unique, and can stand up to the most rigorous scientific scrutiny. It is quite usual that as more countries approve the Patent, other countries will also follow over time.

We at CellResearch Corporation are pleased to have the “freedom to operate” under global patents filed, and granted. We currently have patents granted for the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia and Russia, Australia, Mexico and Israel. Our fundamental patent is also pending in India, China and the United States amongst other global territories. Our patents, filed, pending and granted cover both the isolation and cultivation of cord lining stem cells as well as uses of cells, it is vital for those wishing to collect, process and store cord lining stem cells to do so with our licensed partners. This is in order to ensure that the cells are able to be used for future transplantation.

Cord Lining Stem Cells are a very valuable resource with established uses now, and for the future - a stunning potential.

CellResearch Corporation spends a great deal of time and effort to establish research ties with other specialist research groups in prestigious centres around the world to accelerate and exploit the capabilities of Cord Lining Stem Cells.

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